A close study of the growth and development of CAN will reveal that it received its supreme mandate from our Creator Himself who through Jesus, has ensured that Holy Spirit shall consistently serve as Association "Guide, Philosopher and Friend. Thus it was, that the Association was divinely inspired to choose our Lord's pastoral prayer as its motto -"they all may be one" John 17:21. Without any doubt whatsoever that the motto imbued with the irresistible supernatural force which manifests itself in the gravitational attraction which continue to drawn more and more Churches into fold of CAN.

At first the founders of CAN classified the Associations' member Churches into three - the Roman Catholic Church, the Christian Council of Nigeria and others. As the number of the Churches which earnestly desired to join CAN increased phenomenally, it became clear that the member Churches should be reclassified. Consequently the Association's constitution as revised by its 1991 Assembly and okayed the division of Church Groups into 5.