The Official Press Release Of The Voice For The Emancipation Of Hausa Christians In Nigeria (VEHCIN) On The Release Of Aisha Mazadu Bala. Dated 20th July, 2017

This is to bring to the notice of the entire world and community of believers around the world that to the Glory of God and to the utter shame of the devil, Aisha, a 14 year old Hausa Christian Girl that was kidnapped, detained, forcefully converted to Islam, denied her parents access to her for all these while, married off to her kidnapper and subjected to all forms of abuse and maltreatments as a Christian minor has been released to the VOICE FOR THE EMANCIPATION OF THE HAUSA CHRISTIANS IN NIGERIA (VEHCIN) yester night (19th July, 2017) at the Kaduna State Police Headquarters under the prudent and excellent  supervision of the National Human Right Commission.

We are grateful to God that she is now released to us at VEHCIN and after we carry out some medical checkups and spiritual, emotional and mental rehabilitations she will be handed over back to her parents and family.

We want to sincerely thank the Office of the Acting president of Nigeria, The Christian Association of Nigeria National Headquarter, The National Human Rights Commission especially the Kaduna zonal Office, Board of trustees, Board of Directors and Staff of VEHCIN, The Nigerian Fellowship of Christians Lawyers Kaduna and Zaria Zone, All Christians from around the word, The unwavering Hausa Christians Communities in Nigeria and abroad, Some special and very dear clergies who we won’t be able to mention by name for security purposes, but you know yourselves, and all of you out there who stood with us in this very difficult, trying and painful time. Indeed, it has not been easy, but God has been faithful.

As we keep unfolding to you the underground plans of these people, to subject the Christians in Nigeria especially the Hausa Christians into a hopeless and difficult lifestyle until we accept islam or remain as slaves, we call on all Christians to remain vigilant. This is indeed a perilous time, and it doesn’t only require prayers and drawing closer to God, but it certainly requires all to be vigilant, and active to swiftly rise to every occasion and defend our faith and take a stand of “NO TO MARGINALIZATION OF CHRISTIANS IN NIGERIA”. This is not the time to just claim that we are Christians; we have to show to the world that we are Christians. And Christians are not afraid, they are bold; they are not timid, they are courageous; they are not foolish, they are the wisest; the Spirit of Excellence and Wisdom and Revelation of Yahweh is in us. No more in the history of this country should any Christian be beaten and such a person will hide and be crying. Nigeria is for Nigerians. No Christian should cheat or abuse anyone, but no Christian should just sit down and watch to be abused or cheated by those who claim they own both the top and the bottom of the Country.

We have the right to agitate against any form of injustices. And that we will continue with fear.

We also want to call on the Federal, States and Local Governments in Nigeria, to ensure the course of justice in all the cause of their dealings. Justice and equity as well as respect for human rights have always been the most tested and proven ways to peace. If Nigeria should remain as one, no individual or group of people should be taken for granted.

We want to assure everyone in Nigeria and the world in general that the days of marginalizing the Hausa Christians are over. We will not accept such maltreatments from anybody. Our rights and privileges must be respected by all. We endure such inhumane treatments in the past, but the past is a history now. Now is a new era of different Hausa Christians specie who are willing to go to any length to fight for their rights.

Hausa is a tribe and not a religion. Contrary to the world view that all Hausas are muslims, we want to boldly declare to the whole world that such claims are lies that even the “liars know that they are lying a lie”. The Hausa Christians are living in their millions in Northern Nigeria. They are simply sidelined by the government, denied their rights, deprived of enjoying all benefits from government simply because they are Christians. We have been left to perish without roads, schools, healthcare facilities, security and all that the Nigerian citizen is entitled to enjoy from the government. Instead of perishing, we keep waxing stronger, we keep surviving against all odds, right now, we are indispensable as far as Nigeria is concerned either in the religious circle or the societal circle. Moreover, we were before Islam or Christianity is. Hausa predates all these religions in Nigeria. Just like any other tribe, some chose to be muslims, while some chose to be Christians and still some adhere to the old time traditional religion known as maguzanci. Unfortunately, those that chose to be muslims keep regarding and treating those who are not muslims as half human. The Hausa Muslims got the upper hand in everything in the Northern Part of the Country. They kept abusing us and doing it gladly and proudly, thinking that we are afraid, but it is not fear that restraints us, it is wisdom. Now the world will know whether we are afraid or not.  WE DEMAND JUSTICE AND EQUITY IN NORTHERN NIGERIA PERIOD!

Once again we want to thank you all for your supports and cooperation both from within and outside the country. 

Always remember that we are called to blessings and not curses. The Lord has blessed us and no one can curse us. God is with us, and we are with Him, shouting praises to our King. Our God that brought us this far will not abandon us half way in the wilderness, the final destination is the Promised Land. We are certain that no magic spells can bind the Hausa Christians; no incantations can hold us back. Same people will look at us and say, "What a great thing has God done!" Look, a people rising to its feet, stretching like a lion, a king-of-the-beasts, aroused, Unsleeping, unresting until its hunt is over and it's eaten and drunk its fill.  (Glory to God)


Unto God’s gracious had we commit us all, the Lord bless us, the Lord keep us, the Lord make his face shine upon us and be gracious to us; the Lord turn his face toward us and give us peace." '  

Now to Him Who, by (in consequence of) the [action of His] power that is at work within us, is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly, far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams] — To Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations forever and ever. Amen (so be it). 

To Him also who is able to keep us from falling and to present us before His glorious presence without fault and with great joy— to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen.